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 Household Sandblasting 

Below are Before and After Pictures of household items that we have sandblasted. We partner with Production Coating Specialties in Bemidji -we sandblast items and they provide powder coating in thousands of colors.  We operate all year in Northern MN and can come to you or you are welcome to bring your project to us.

Enamel Sink Before

Enamel Sink Before Being Sandblasted

Enamel Sink After

Enamel Sink After Being Sandblasted

Bed Frame Before

bed frame before.jpg

Bed Frame After

bedframe after.jpg


Lawn Furniture-  Sandblasted

Sandblasted Lawn Furniture

Lawn Furniture- Powdercoated

Powdercoated Lawn Furniture

Cast Iron Furniture-  Before

Cast Iron Furniture Original

Cast Iron Furniture- Sandblasted

Cast Iron Furniture Sandblasted.jpg

Lawn Chair -  Before

Lawn Chair Before.jpg

Lawn Chair - Sandblasted

Lawn Char After.jpg

Antique Chair Before

Antique Chair Being Sandblasted

Antique Chair - Sandblasted

Antique Chair After Being Sandblasted
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